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Services Offered

Collision Repair


State of the art collision repair. Everything from minor scratch and dent removal all the way to major damage. All makes, models, and years. We repair everything from daily drivers to modern luxury cars.

Full Rotisserie Restoration


This is where a vehicle is completely disassembled stripped to bare metal and then brought back to finished product. The vehicle will be mounted on a auto twirler rotisserie media blasted to bare metal and put into primer. After that is completed all rot will be cut out and metal will be put back in place, then followed by body work and finally all mechanical and upholstery. This is probably the most time consuming process compared to other services we offer.

Full Mechanical Services


This covers everything from minor repairs on your automobile to full system rebuilds and upgrades. We also do retro fitting of AC systems for vehicles and do brake upgrades and we can build you any drive train you want from stock to wild. We can do almost anything you would like.

Paint and Body Services


This covers everything from repairing small rotted out sections and blending paint or stripping down of the entire vehicle and returning to you a rolling shell for you to complete the mechanical install of the components. We do not under any circumstances use body filler to hide any defects such as rot or massive body damage. Replacing with metal is the only way we fix corrosion and rot.

Auto Location Services


You contract with us to locate any vehicle in any state of repair either already restored or something to customize and make your own. We can then inspect the vehicle before purchase and give you our professional opinion on what it is you are purchasing before you make you educated decision on what you would like to spend your money on.

Spray In Bed Liner

Bed Liner

We offer spray in bed liners you can either go black for 500$ or we can tint a clear bed liner to get you a colored effect for 550$ usually it is a 24 hr turn around.