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1968 GTO

Rewire the right way

A 1968 GTO convertible has rolled into the shop it was bought through a classic car dealership in Orlando and it has a few problems. First the wiring is dangerous and has already caught on fire once so we are doing a complete rewiring job to the vehicle using American AutoWire classic update harness. Also the floors have been butchered by previous owners and will be getting replaced.

Detailing Now Available

For a while now we have been looking for a full time on site detailer. We are glad to announce we now have one. His Name is Loyd and he is more than qualified to do an excellent job cleaning up your baby. We have gone ahead and stocked ourselves up on all silicone free professional grade products and are now ready to schedule you for everything from a quick vacume and wash to a full blown detail. 

Latest Project

1970 Challenger R/T Project

A gentleman found out about us and has chosen us to do a complete respray and color change to his 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. After taking the car completely apart and mounting it to our rotisserie we have discovered a unicorn. A car built in the 70s that isn't full of holes and rot. We couldn't believe it either. It soon will be hydro blasted and sprayed in sublime green. This car will be so bright and shiny the astronauts on the space station will be able to see it. Photos will be posted as we go click on the picture to the right to see the album.

Estimating Software


Looking at all the software choices we could have gone with we finally made a decision. CCC One is the software provider we have decided to partner with and we couldn't be happier. Most major insurance companies use this software for adjusting purposes so when they come to look at your car and our estimate there is no arguing over whos numbers are right its a breeze. 

Our New Booth

We bought a new booth!!!

We decided a new state of the art semi down draft was the way to go so we went out and bought one. The electrical system and fire suppression and HVAC have been installed and it is a joy to paint in. Blends and color matches have been coming out even better than before and over all paints like restorations and color changing have been awesome.